Sterling Silver Charms


All of the Feathered Angels portrayed in my designs are purely for examples only. There are customization forms on every page, that allows you to enter your desired colors, fonts, wording, small changes and your own photos. My main goal is to create beautiful designs that capture your precious angels into treasured keepsake items. My designs are not exclusively for Feathered ones. I do designs for all feathered, furry and human subjects :)


This unique gift item allows photographic quality images of your precious Feathered Angels, and other loved ones to be transferred directly to the face of the Sterling Silver Charm. These beautiful pieces of jewelry have Florentine edges and offer a combination of quality and value that is ideal for yourself, as well as personal gifts. They come with a silver bail to easily attach to a charm bracelet. 

Sterling Silver Small Charms are 35.00

 Sterling Silver Small Heart Charm 3/4″ 



Sterling Silver Small Round Charm measures 3/4 “



Sterling Silver Small Square Charm measures 3/4 “


Fill out the Customization Form below and upload the Photo(s) you want used. If you are ordering more than One Charm, you can upload a different Photo for each one, otherwise the same one will be used on all the Charms you order. Then you must hit the “Submit Customization’s” button on the bottom of this form.

Jewelry Customization Photo Upload

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