Memory Photo Quilts

All of the Feathered Angels portrayed in my designs are purely for examples only. There are customization forms on every page, that allows you to enter your desired colors, fonts, wording, small changes and your own photos. My main goal is to create beautiful designs that capture your precious ones into treasured keepsake items. My designs are not exclusively for Feathered ones. I do designs for all feathered, furry and human subjects 🙂


Memory Photo Quilts are a unique and lovely way to capture special moments of your precious ones. They make wonderful and unique keepsake and gifts. Great for Wedding gifts, Graduation, Birthdays or just one for yourself. You can use any type of images you would like.  Feathered, Furry or Human, there is no doubt that this will be an item you will treasure for years and years :). 

Maggie and Richard Memory Quilt

These Throws are Woven 54” x 38” and can hold 9 photos. The images are 11 x 17 each.  I am happy to customize each picture with names, dates or even a little decorative touches. Please fill out the customization form and upload the photos. If you prefer, you can also email me the photos and instructions at

These beautiful quilts are only 55.00 

Once you have filled out the attached form and emailed me your photos,  I will then send you an invoice complete with shipping. 

Shipping fees are:

 U.S. 13.45

Newfoundland, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Quebec, Northwest Territories, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Ontario, Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nunavut, Manitoba, Nunavut, Newfoundland, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Canada, Canada, Canada  45.95


UK  and Australia  75.95


Customization Instructions


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