Feathered Angels Cell Phone Charm


 These Charms are not only beautiful but also prevent dust, dirt, and other foreign particles from damaging your phone.  They slip into the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Easy to use and remove. I will also gladly add a small piece of your birds feather into the tiny bottle, which then makes this Charm even more special.  Contact me if you would like to do this and I can arrange for you to mail me the feather so that I can include it into your bottle when I make your charm. Each one is handmade so there will be slight variances in size, however they are approximately 3.5 inches long. The glitter inside the bottle is an iridescent shade.  

Cell Phone Charm for Page

Cell Phone Charm 15.00

Here is an example of the little bottle with a small piece of Feather in it.

 Cell Phone Charm bottle with Toby Feather

 Shipping is Free on these Charms and due to that, once you click add to cart, you will be taken directly to paypal for payment. 


If you wish to send a feather to be included into the bottle, please contact me via the form below and I will email you with the address to send your feather to. I will also hold your order until it arrives to make your Customized Charm. If you are ordering more than one Cell Phone Charm, you may change the quantity in the paypal window

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