FAD Nail Transfers

All of the Feathered Angels portrayed in my designs are purely for examples only. There are customization forms on every page, that allows you to enter your desired colors, fonts, wording, small changes and your own photos. My main goal is to create beautiful designs that capture your precious angels into treasured keepsake items. My designs are not exclusively for Feathered ones. I do designs for all feathered, furry and human subjects :)

 These transfers are very easily applied. They are similar to a sticker and easily placed onto a polished or unpolished nail and then once smoothed out, just apply a coat of clear polish over the top and let dry. They are very thin and so hardly felt on the nail when applied correctly. You can apply FAD Nail Art Transfers onto natural polished nails,  to acrylics and gels. There is no cutting required, since they are precut for you. 



When FAD Nail Transfers are applied to fresh dry polish, the designs actually becomes a part of the polish layer, so they should stay on as long as the polish is on. On natural nails, with topcoat applied every few days, they could last up to two weeks. On acrylics or gel nails up to three weeks. Of course this is no guarantee, since a great deal will depend on each persons treatment of their nails.

 Assorted Feathered Angels 20.00


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Special Feathered Babies 20.00

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 There are 48 images on each sheet of Nail Transfers. 

I have made a special reduced shipping price for these, so when purchasing you will immediately be taken to Pay Pal to check out. If you wish to purchase more than one set, you can change the number of sheets ordered in Pay Pal.

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