Adult Flip Flops

All of the Feathered Angels portrayed in my designs are purely for examples only. There are customization forms on every page, that allows you to enter your desired colors, fonts, wording, small changes and your own photos. My main goal is to create beautiful designs that capture your precious angels into treasured keepsake items. My designs are not exclusively for Feathered ones. I do designs for all feathered, furry and human subjects :) 

It’s time to walk in style! Our great new Flip Flops can be created with names, photos, even your own logo and so much more! Not only are they durable and fashionable, but these flip flops make great gifts! Flip flops have a 1/2 inch rubber sole with  sturdy 10mm Black straps.
black strap flip flops

Adult Flip Flops are 22.00

Sizing of the Adult Flip Flops is as follows:

Extra Small: 8.875” x 3.5” (approx. women’s size 6 to 7)

Small: 9.75″ x 3″ (approx. women’s size 8 to 9, men’s size 6 to 7)

Medium: 10.5″ x 4.25″ (approx. women’s size 10 to 11, men’s size 8 to 9)

Large: 11.3″ x 4.375″ (approx. women’s size 12 to 13, men’s size 10 to 11)

Background images to choose from, or send me your own background you would like used by sending it through the customization form below. If you are going to send your own background then choose TBblank on design. 


Size :

Customization for Novelty Items



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