Plastic or Rubber iPhone 5c 25.00

All of the Feathered Angels portrayed in my designs are purely for examples only. There are customization forms on every page, that allows you to enter your desired colors, fonts, wording, small changes and your own photos. My main goal is to create beautiful designs that capture your precious ones into treasured keepsake items. My designs are not exclusively for Feathered ones. I do designs for all feathered, furry and human subjects ūüôā

iphone 5c case

Our new iPhone 5c cases give you the opportunity to display your precious ones on your phone! Use family photos, personal¬†motto’s¬†or business logos to let the world see what’s important to you! Plastic or Rubber Available in White or Black. Each sold complete with your custom design for 25.00!

You can choose from a wide variety of graphic borders and designs. I will also add your choice of text and have a wide variety of fonts to choose from ( also willing to use any font you request).

If you do not see a desired color or design you are wanting, I am more than willing to make adjustments to any of my existing offered templates. As I create your  design I will email you a jpg for your approval, before applying it to your final product. All of this is included in the same price.

First Chose your Designs and keep in mind that wording will need to be kept at a minimum. Designs that have a lot of wording are not going to be a good choice for a phone cover due to the small size of the surface. 

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