2 Sided Custom ID Tags

These ID tags are a very fun way to show off what is close to your heart. They are made out of aluminum and double sided so each side can have a different image or wording. They measure 1.125″ x 2″. These trinkets are very popular from kids to adults. Customize them with whatever you would like. They come with a 30″ bead chain and jump ring that can easily be clipped for shorter length, or you could use your own chain. Personalize them for teams, birthdays, engagements and so much more! 


2 sided Custom Tags

 First select if you wish to buy one or two ID Tags. If you wish to buy a larger quantity, then contact me for bulk pricing 

ID TAG 15.00 for one

 ID TAG 25.00 for two


Fill out the Customization Form below and upload the Photo(s) you want used. If you are ordering more than One ID Tag, you can upload a different Photo for each one, otherwise the same one will be used on all the Pendants you order. Please specify in the customization form what pics go together on each Tag, if ordering more than one. Then you must hit the “Submit Customization’s” button on the bottom of this form.

Jewelry Customization Photo Upload

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